I grew up in a small Illinois town, the oldest of five well-loved children, and I was almost never alone. From day one, I had my twin sister, Robin, at my side   the ideal accessory for a shy kid.

We shared a room, matching clothes, and (to our mother's dismay) a deep devotion to the leisure arts: daydreaming, doodling, and watching the world go by.

Together, we smiled at the good and frowned at the bad, studied ants, drew pictures, and created elaborate scenarios in which we played the starring roles.

Today, when I write poems for children, I use the very same skills I learned in childhood every day. As it turns out, daydreaming, doodling, and watching the world go by are part of the job.

It's a job I love.

And Robin? She grew up to be a wonderful author and illustrator of children's books!

Here is my twin sister,
Robin Leubs.
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